Farm-to-Institution Supply Chain Facilitation

For the last four years, the CAE has been moving local produce to institutional markets. We aggregate and process root and storage crops to advance farm viability and food accessibility for all.

In partnership with Vermont farms and institutional buyers who are prioritizing fresh and local products, CAE acts as food hub and processor, working with local distribution partners to move our products across New England!

Read the Case Study from Farm to Institution New England.

Our goals for this program are twofold:

  1.   We strive to provide a fair price to our farmers, and pay in a timely fashion, with the aim of diversifying their markets into institutional food service settings.

2. We work with values-based institutional buyers, to help leverage their buying power to support our working landscapes, and to reach the constituents and consumers who eat in their cafeterias and dining halls.

FARM PARTNERS: We work with many farms across Vermont, from Foote Brook to Peaslee’s Potatoes, from Blue Ox to Riverside Farm. We are always looking for small and medium scale farm partners to work with. Please call us to learn more!

BUYERS: Are you looking for boxes of locally grown and processed vegetables? Our Products are designed for institutional food service settings - from K-12 schools and academies, to hospitals and health care centers, to colleges and large dining services.

From carrot sticks and potato dice, to cabbage shred mix, and diced beets, we may have your answer. Our Product List is available to send to you, and please contact us with questions.

Want to learn more? Check out Farm to Institution New England's short video (below) about local food processing at the Vermont Food Venture Center and throughout our region! Episode 2 of The Local Motive also explores the relationship between the processing of local food and the financial viability of the local food system.